Safety People – 2020 Benchmark

Safety People – 2020 Benchmark This year our Safety People 2020 Benchmark report focuses on how O.H.S and Injury Management Professionals are finding their current situation halfway through a very unusual year.We would love you to please add your thoughts to this short survey so that your opinion can be included with the views of … Read more

Safety People Partner with PIEF

Safety People Partner with PIEF Changing jobs can be a huge source of stress, even when you *know* it’s the right decision. It’s common to feel sad or anxious, or even a little bit guilty even if you are excited about the new opportunity. On top of all those emotions, you have to actually resign … Read more

How to beat mid career malaise

How to beat mid career malaise I recently read this HBR article which resonated with me while halfway through another COVID lockdown. I often receive calls from people in the later stages in their careers, questioning “What am I doing?” This question is a very real conundrum for many people. Yes, even me. Staying focused … Read more

The Incident Investigation Toolkit

The Incident Investigation Toolkit Today we look at the Systems-thinking Incident Investigation Toolkit recently developed by Monash University in partnership with Work Safe Victoria and the University of the Sunshine Coast. The Patient Handling: Review of Systems (PHRIES) Toolkit was developed to help guide manual handling coordinators in Victorian healthcare sectors in investigating injuries involving … Read more

4 things that “the old” Manchester United can teach you about workplace injury prevention

4 things that “the old” Manchester United can teach you about workplace injury prevention If you’re interested in how wearables can assist Safety and Injury Management Professions then you may want to attend our June Safety People Forum. There is no doubt that Manchester United is one of the greatest football clubs in the world, … Read more

Tips for a Successful Video Interview

Tips for a Successful Video Interview This guide was recently published by Indeed and provides a great overview for successfully using and promoting yourself via video. Video Interview Tips Find a quiet, private, well-lit place, free from possible interruptions. Remove any inappropriate items that might be visible once you are on screen. Ensure your internet … Read more

Delivering negative feedback

Delivering negative feedback Expert tips on delivering negative feedback As HR professionals, managers or business owners it’s inevitable there will be conversations you’d rather not have to have with your staff. But tough conversations are a necessary part of being an effective manager and, executed well, they can prove valuable to both the employee and … Read more