Make Positive Thinking a Way of Life

No matter what profession you’re in, what you do or how you live your life, everyone can sink into the pattern of having negative thoughts. We all know they do no good yet it is easy to get dragged into negative patterns. They drain your energy and definitely keep you from being in the present moment. Envision them as a small rolling ball, as they roll down they become bigger and fast and before you know it feels almost impossible to get out of that mindset.

As hard as it may seem to change your focus from negative to positive thoughts, practice makes perfect. Here are some things that have helped me –

  1. Surround yourself with positive people – The company you keep plays a big role in how you react to different situations. Talk to someone who will put things in perspective for you and encourage positive actions. Do yourself a favour and cut out the negative Nancy’s from your life. A bit harsh but it’s the truth.
  2. Turn your negative thoughts into positive ones – for example if it’s a difficult situation such a difficult situation at work, think of options to resolve that situation as opposed to taking more time and going into a downward spiral.
  3. Take responsibility and Act – Playing the victim won’t do you any favours. There is always a way out. Come up with a solution and put it into action.
  4. Think of the things you’re grateful for – Listing things that you’re grateful for will help you appreciate the good things in life, all the good that you are capable of and how much more you can do. Good thoughts inspire good actions.
  5. Exercise – Going for a run or doing some form of exercise will help you focus on something else such as your fitness. Exercising has also been known to help your brain produce more Dopamine which releases happy chemicals into your brain.  Yoga could be an alternative to rigorous exercise
  6. No one is perfect – Last but definitely not the least, remember that no one is perfect. Cut yourself some slack; don’t dwell on your mistakes. Learn from them and move on.

We all have negative thoughts. I am yet to meet some who doesn’t and it is hard to turn it around but I truly believe every single one of us possess the ability to turn things around and write your own destiny.