Introducing our Interviewer Cheat Sheet!

Is hiring new staff on your current to-do list? Does the thought of having too sit through another interview give you a headache? Are you sick of asking candidates the same boring questions?  Or are you a new people leader and not quite sure where to start?

If you are a hiring manager in the health and safety industry then we have the ultimate tool for you! Our Interviewer Cheat Sheet gives you our top 10 questions to ask when interviewing new candidates.

How This Cheat Sheet Came About

We often get asked by new hiring managers for Interview question samples. We have collated our favourites into one handy printable. Our specialist industry knowledge developed over years in the industry is presented to you here in this completely FREE printable resource.

Why You Need This Resource

There is nothing worse than an interview question that is so long that by the time you get to the end of it, the candidate has forgotten how it started. Or asking questions that don’t quite get to the heart of a potential employees skills, passion for health and safety or competencies.

Our 10 questions are easy to remember and help pin point the unique skills, experience and achievements you need to extract from a candidate to hire the right person for the role.

Safety People has been recruiting in the Health and Safety Industry for over 15 years. Our team all have backgrounds in the health and safety. They are industry professionals and these are the questions they use on a daily basis.

Our free printable features:

  • Simple questions designed to get the best response from a potential candidate
  • An easy to follow flow of questions to help you understand a candidates values, style, cultural fit and achievements.
  • An easy to read single page PDF format. Save it for future reference or print it out and put it on the wall

The 2 minutes it will take you to access the Interviewer Cheat Sheet is an investment in your organisation and your ability to hire talented and valuable team members. It will provide you all the information you need to ask the right questions to your next new hire.

So, what are you waiting for? You can access our FREE Interviewer Cheat Sheet here and be prepared for your next new hire.

If you are seeking a Health and Safety professional for your organisation to focus on this area in 2018 then Safety People can help. We have developed a strong reputation for providing quality recruitment services. We focus on the niche fields of Safety, Insurance and Risk. We invite you to follow our LinkedIn Company page to see available roles and industry news.