Introducing Our New Team Member, Justin Bradley

Justin Bradley has joined the Safety People team this week, so we thought we’d shoot a quick video so you can get to know him a little bit better. Enjoy.


Hi, it’s Adele here from Safety People, welcoming our newest team member, Justin Bradley. Welcoming our newest team member, Justin Bradley. Welcome to the team.

Hi there Adele, thanks so much for having me.

We want to get to know Justin a little bit better, so tell us about what you were doing before you came into recruitment.

Well, before recruitment I was in real estate, and I was a licensed real estate agent and auctioneer. And I’ve now made the move to recruitment.

A great crossover, we love that.

Hope so.

Tell us what attracted you specifically to Safety People?

Safety People has a great reputation, and they are a specialist recruitment agency for safety people. It wasn’t really the safety aspect of the business that attracted me, but it was more or less taking on a business development role, getting to know the clients really well. Building that relationship on trust, and solving a problem.


What do you like to do outside of work? What are your other interests?

Outside of work, I like to stay fit as much as I can. Swimming and running, training for the [inaudible 00:00:54] in January. And for that adrenaline rush, I do like kite boarding down at St. Kilda, or Safety Beach. It’s just such an amazing sport.

So we’re labeling you adrenaline junkie of the office.

Oh, maybe not. I’m very safe.

Very good. Tell us what your challenges are likely to be as our new business development manager at Safety People.

I think just getting to know people and just being myself. Understanding what the clients needs are going to be and fulfilling that need with the right service that we offer. I think we’re going to be very thorough, and under your leadership, Adele, I think we’ll be a good team.

Very good.


Thanks very much.