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What Happens if You Receive a Counteroffer?

By Veronica Blat Changing jobs can be a huge source of stress, even when you *know* it’s the right decision. It’s common to feel sad or anxious, or even a little bit guilty even if you are excited about the new opportunity. On top of all those emotions, you have to actually resign – you […]

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Death of the interview

By Ian Hamilton Over the past 12 months or so, I’ve noticed a growing trend with candidates taking a more active role in the interview process. The interview as we know it is gone, with candidates no longer simply responding to behavioural questions and providing examples of previous employment experience to the satisfaction of the […]

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Ten Things to do to Eradicate Bullying in the Workplace

The definitions of a bully include tormentor intimidator, aggressor and tyrant. All these types are people who impose their will on others forcefully, or sometimes in more subtle ways that are not so easy to detect. The obvious loudmouthed bully or aggressor relies on seniority, power and position to bully juniors or staff members who […]

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Your Resume vs. Your LinkedIn Profile: Which is More Important?

You’ve probably asked yourself this question at some point in your career: “Why do I need a resume? I have a LinkedIn profile, after all. Can’t I just direct people to my LinkedIn profile and forget about my resume?” (Actually, that’s more than one question . . . but you get the idea.) While it […]

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National Workers Compensation Summit 2019

Adele: Hi. It’s Adele and Justin from Safety People. We’re here just to talk about the National Worker’s Compensation Conference that we attended over the past two days, thought we’d give you a bit of a recap on some of the learnings. What did you take away from the second part of yesterday’s presentation, Justin? […]

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Introducing Our New Team Member, Justin Bradley

Justin Bradley has joined the Safety People team this week, so we thought we’d shoot a quick video so you can get to know him a little bit better. Enjoy. TRANSCRIPT: Hi, it’s Adele here from Safety People, welcoming our newest team member, Justin Bradley. Welcoming our newest team member, Justin Bradley. Welcome to the […]

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Safety Roles Currently Available

Hi, it’s Adele Last here from the Arnold Group and Safety People. Hope you’re having a great day. We’re busy here in the office filling a number of roles, so I thought I’d talk to you about them. We have one in Melbourne, in the northern suburbs of Melbourne, a senior work health and safety […]

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Women in Safety

Melbourne event for Women in Safety #safetysisters

At the first Melbourne event for Safetysisters our GM Adele Last was very glad to meet Claire Amies CEO of WorkSafe who spoke about some of the great initiatives local businesses are putting in place regarding mental health and occupational violence. She didn’t shy away from the tough questions either about issues with the medical […]

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pets in workplace

How much is that Doggy in the workplace…cost?

Pets in the workplace – quick guide to what you should be aware of. Bringing your pet to the workplace is not a new concept – it has been the option of many progressive workplaces for many years or even decades.  In today’s landscape there are some major risk that need to be addressed.  I […]

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ageing workforce

The 3 Keys to Effective Ageing Workforce Management

Written by Philip Taylor PhD The ageing workforce will create major challenges for Australian employers. Forecast labour shortages will see competition for skilled labour increase greatly. Success will depend upon being able to attract and retain skilled older workers. There is a need for practical, every day, guidance for managers in tackling workforce ageing issues. […]

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