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OHS Checklist

Workplace Health & Safety Obligations

 In line with your employment contract. 11 – Occupational Health & Safety


11.1      The Employee must use his or her best endeavours to comply with the requirements of the relevant occupational health and safety legislation in the State or Territory in which the Employee is working.  This includes obeying lawful instructions and complying with lawful rules, processes and procedures as amended from time to time of the Employer and Clients of the Employer.

11.2      The Employee must advise the Employer of any change in his or her capacity, physical or psychological, to work safely and without risk to health, including but not limited to any injury, illness or medication he or she is taking (prescribed or otherwise).

11.3      The Employee must notify the Employer if a Client of the Employer requests or directs the Employee to perform duties that are outside of the job or assignment description provided by the Employer.  The Employee must not commence any such new duties prior to obtaining authority from a representative of the Employer.

11.4      The Employer may at their discretion, direct the Employee to complete a medical assessment prior to the commencement of a new assignment or in the course of an existing assignment where it is reasonably required to determine the capacity of the Employee to perform work on assignment safely and without risk to health.