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Safety People – 2020 Benchmark

Safety People – 2020 Benchmark This year our Safety People 2020 Benchmark report focuses on how O.H.S and Injury Management Professionals are finding their current situation halfway through a very unusual year.We would love you to please add your thoughts to this short survey so that your opinion can be included with the views of

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Safety People Partner with PIEF

Safety People Partner with PIEF Changing jobs can be a huge source of stress, even when you *know* it’s the right decision. It’s common to feel sad or anxious, or even a little bit guilty even if you are excited about the new opportunity. On top of all those emotions, you have to actually resign

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How to beat mid career malaise

How to beat mid career malaise I recently read this HBR article which resonated with me while halfway through another COVID lockdown. I often receive calls from people in the later stages in their careers, questioning “What am I doing?” This question is a very real conundrum for many people. Yes, even me. Staying focused

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The Incident Investigation Toolkit

The Incident Investigation Toolkit Today we look at the Systems-thinking Incident Investigation Toolkit recently developed by Monash University in partnership with Work Safe Victoria and the University of the Sunshine Coast. The Patient Handling: Review of Systems (PHRIES) Toolkit was developed to help guide manual handling coordinators in Victorian healthcare sectors in investigating injuries involving

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Here’s what happens if you work from home without a routine

Here’s what happens if you work from home without a routine I’m not disciplined, at all, and I work from home. This means that absent some kind of routine, I will inevitably end up doing one of two things: Working constantly and ignoring the people I love. Never actually starting my workday. My wife doesn’t

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